New Construction of a Modern Commercial and Logistics Property

State-of-the-art technology, a modern design and a green façade characterise this new property. Its close proximity to the 643 federal motorway and a 2-lane road layout on site ensure easy access and smooth delivery processes. The trimodal transportation network is another special feature, as the site also has its own container terminal and a port railway alongside its road links.

Based in Dreieich, Four Parx GmbH specialises in the project development of innovative commercial and logistics space. The portfolio ranges from multi-storey, inner city commercial real estate to large logistics parks placed at strategic motorway locations for logistics and city logistics, commercial and service companies, wholesale and retail, e-commerce and light industrial. This broad range covers five standardised concepts: "City", "Urban", "Mach2", "Connect" and "Global" – including multi-storey commercial and logistics real estate.

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